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Landscape Construction, Design and Concrete Services


Commercial or Residential, improving the state of a property can be a lot of work. HML Landscape Construction & Maintenance can do it all for you, offering landscape design services for landscaping, hardscaping and ECO-Landscaping projects. Our service list includes: concrete applications, retaining walls, water features, stone patios & walkways, natural stone, decks & structures, fences, rock gardens, sodding, artificial turf, irrigation and outdoor lighting.

HML also offers Fibre-Optics, Hydro-vac and Earthworks services.

HML has experienced foreman on staff specific to each trade including plumbing and irrigation, carpentry, horticulture, concrete and design. With this team in place HML has all your bases covered providing a one-stop-shop for any kind of landscaping project. No need to juggle multiple contractors, HML takes care of it all while delivering quality work, efficiently and on time. From design and execution through to completion, HML delivers every step of the way.

Concrete-squareConcrete is extremely durable and can be coloured, stamped, stained, and shaped. Its uses are almost endless. If you are looking for a low maintenance, long-lasting, solid patio concrete is the way to go! Our designers help you find the type of concrete patio or side walk you are looking for.


Hydrovac excavations are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional excavation techniques. HML hydrovac services removes dirt and heavy debris safely by utilizing high-pressure water jets and powerful vacuum technology. This service is perfect for penetrating areas with underground utilities as well as penetrating frozen ground.


The HML Fibre-Optic Division is paving the road to the future by connecting homes to phone, internet and television with Fibre-Optic cable. Providing services to Edmonton’s leading telecom company’s, the HML Fibre-Optic’s division is becoming one of Edmonton’s most trusted companies for connecting homes.

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