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** There will be a mix of ornaments for each colour scheme. Not every kit will look exactly as these photos are shown. Photos represent the theme of tree not what each decoration will look like.

Whoville FAQ

What is included in the kit?

  • All cedar needed to construct Whoville tree
  • Galvanized Metal Pot
  • One large decorative ball
  • Three medium decorative balls
  • Five small decorative balls
  • Decorative wrapping ribbon
  • 1 piece of chiffon ribbon (for bow)
  • 3 decorative pieces (either pine cones, or flowers depending on theme chosen)
  • Structural wire for building tree and hanging decorations
  • Floral Oasis Foam
  • Instruction guide

Where can I pick up the kit?

  • HML Contracting Office: 54134 Range Road 255, Sturgeon County, T8T 0T8
  • December 15-17 between 3pm and 7pm
  • Please call Karlee @ 780-862-2373 if you are unable to make these pick up times.
  • Option delivery for $15.00. Kit will be delivered to your home between December 15-17.

Where does the cedar come from?

The cedar is supplied by High Country Tree Farm


How do I care for the tree after it is built?

  • It is important to keep the Oasis Foam damp. Check the Oasis Foam every couple of days. If it is dry add water to the pot.
  • Avoid placing your Whoville Tree on your mantel or in front of a fireplace. Direct heat will dry out the cedar.
  • We do our best to source the best pots available but there is risk of the galvanized pot leaking. Avoid placing the Whoville Tree over any electronics.