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Outdoor Lighting

Top 9 Places to Add Outdoor Lighting to Your Home

Outdoor lighting often serves as one of the best investments for a home. Not only does proper lighting offer a safer space but a little creativity can transform your outdoor space, creating a beautiful atmosphere. With outdoor spaces you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to lighting, each space offering its own charm. Here are nine spaces you can add to your outdoor lighting list. 


Perhaps one of the best ways to welcome people into your property is decor mood lighting around walkways and entranceways. This is also great if you wish to light up a specific pathway that may not be obvious at night. You can also emphasize your landscape design through lighting.


You likely work pretty hard on your garden. Well, night time is no excuse for leaving those beautiful flowers and other plants out of the light. If you want others to see your hard work and progress, you may want to consider placing lights that highlight your garden. 


Hanging Edison bulbs from trees will illuminate their natural beauty and bring together your yard. This will also help your guests see your wonderful big trees and appreciate their presence.


Keeping your commonly used area’s well lit is always a good idea. Your patio is probably the most common space used and should offer ample lighting at night for guests and people who want to hang out.


Pool Surroundings

It may also be a good idea to keep the path around your pool clear by lighting around the edges. You could use tiki torches or lamps to light the area and set the mood.

Outdoor Hangouts

Lighting around common hang out spaces is an excellent idea to keep people outside happy.


Christmas style lights aren’t just for the holidays! Hanging some neutral or white lights around the house can really make your place pop! Try hanging some lights around your house’s front or sides to emphasize your home’s architecture and features.


It’s also a good idea to light up your address so others can easily see it from the street. This also makes it easier for delivery drivers to find you! If you’re interested in getting the lighting to brighten up your home.

Choosing the right lighting for your home can make a difference, ranging from safety to beautiful aesthetics creating a pleasant ambiance you enjoy spending time in. For more information about choosing the right lighting for your home, you can schedule a free consultation with HML Construction by clicking here.

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