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Your ideal patio design and layout can be constructed in four different stages. When creating your unique outline of the perfect patio for your home, use these four steps to help guide you:patio.


Step #1

Consider how many people will be regularly using your new patio. This helps you and the designer decide how big you want the patio. This will ensure that it will be big enough to fit everyone.


Step #2

Consider how you want to use your patio. This helps you decide what items you are going to have on the patio, such as a table and chairs, a fire pit, or a set of lounge chairs. This helps you and the designer decide the exact location of your patio in your yard.


Step #3

Consider the shape of the patio that you would like. You have the options of square or round, or some other type of shape, which helps determine if you want a traditional or modern look to your patio.


Step #4

Consider the types of materials that you want in your patio. Once you determine the purpose of your patio, it can help you decide which materials you want to use. The typical materials include gravel, concrete, or brick.

Visuals can help make it easier to get inspiration. You can click here to visit our gallery of images to get an idea of the types of patios we have created for our customers to help you decide the best answers for you to the questions above.