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How to Take Care of Your Lawn During the Winter Season – Our Guide

As the coldest season of the year fast approaches, you might be thinking of spending your winter days and the last moments of 2020 tucked at home in front of a warm fire. While that sounds like a comforting thought, if you’re a homeowner that’s keen on your landscaping, then you should take the time as an opportunity to get to work.

If you want to guarantee your lawn is ready for spring, it would be best to initiate your lawn maintenance during winter. With all the amount of free time you have, you can use it to prepare your yard for planting new seeds, growing trees, and witnessing flowers bloom in all their glory.

Keep reading below to find out some landscape ideas you can consider doing during the cold winter season.

Keep Your Yard Clean

You should make an effort to keep your lawn clean throughout winter by raking stray leaves off the yard and eliminating any debris and other hindrances that could affect the grass from growing. If you leave tools and unnecessary things lying around outside, you can expect the grass underneath them to stop growing correctly.

Apply More Fertilizer

If you have any home landscape that could be affected by snow, applying fertilizer over them can serve as added protection against winter and aids in preventing soil erosion and water loss. Fertilizer helps to keep the right temperature in the soil where your plants continue to grow, letting their roots absorb the nutrients which they need to get through the cold months.

Secure Your New Trees

If you’ve recently planted trees and you want to watch them survive the winter, you can wrap a wire mesh around them or use anything that can serve to protect your new trees from danger. You never know when wild animals can end up in your yard and target your young trees and use them as food during winter.

Trim Your Plants

Trimming your plants during winter is a good front yard landscaping idea because it improves their growth come springtime. By pruning your shrubs and greenery a few months before you get to experience sunny days again, you can expect your plants to heal faster and grow healthier.

Keep People Off Your Lawn

It’s possible to think that just because it’s winter, you can find yourself walking across a snow-covered lawn to decrease the time it takes for you to get to the other side of your house. In fact, foot traffic on your property will give your yard a hard time recovering once spring rolls in. That’s why it’s essential to keep people off your lawn by putting up a sign or clearing out your sidewalks and pathways.

Remove Snow Obstructions

If your home landscaping design involves tall trees with branches that could be affected by heavy snowfall, it’s best to bundle them up and tie them together. You should also gently remove snow from any easy to reach limbs while trying your best to avoid breaking them.

If the snow ends up affecting your trees, it will be hard to recover, so it’s best to cut down branches that could be destroyed by a snowstorm.


Preparing your lawn ahead of time can save you from having to salvage what’s left of your landscape after the winter has passed. Keep the tips above in mind to ensure you can continue where you left once spring arrives, and you can manage your yard without encountering too much trouble.

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