Project: Graham

The initial design process started in April of 2018, after the client had researched several companies and selected to work with HML.  

After updated the exterior of the house and garage a few years prior the client was ready to focus on a landscape to match.  

Client loves the mountains and put a stone veneer on the house and garage, which we used as inspiration and created an atmosphere that felt like being in the mountains.


The yard drained from back to front and both the house and garage were set quite low in proportion to where the lot grading needed to be.

Also, elevating the yard to prevent any potential tripping hazards was important as the homeowner was the caretaker of his elderly mother who also lived in the home.

Project Goals

  • Update the look of the house and add curb appeal
  • Minimize maintenance
  • Promote positive drainage away from the house
  • Create a usable patio space
  • Prevent any tripping hazards

Project Scope

A cost effective, pressure treated timber retaining wall was built around the garage to protect the foundation and accommodate the grade change.  We worked with the sloping elevations for the patio to achieve proper stepping from the back of the house, a sloped driveway and walkway, and proper drainage away from the house.  Also, installed a natural stone retaining wall along the back bed area to accommodate the elevation change from the neighbours, create more comfortable usable lawn space, with the extra benefit of a sitting wall.

A large patio space with an area for the BBQ was added to the back of the house. Set into the patio were large boulders to be used for extra seating.

The driveway from the garage was sloped, we were able to grade the yard to direct surface drainage towards the property lines, and build a patio at the perfect elevation to have one step from the back door and a sloped sidewalk to the garage to prevent a tripping hazard step.

The yard was very functional, aesthetic and sustainable for long term use.

We kept and incorporated a few sentimental plants for his mother in the new landscape as well.

Design Style

This design style of this project is Rustic with natural stone, trees and curving lines throughout.

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