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4 Questions to Help You Find the Best Landscapers for the Job

Your home is very likely one of your biggest assets, and keeping it in good condition is key to ensuring its value only rises. Even if you plan to sell, renovating and upgrading can, in certain circumstances, fetch you a better sales price and make the effort worth it. 

Don’t plan to sell? You’ve got all the more reason to invest in your own home. After all, you’re the one reaping the benefits! 

The inside of a home is often given the most attention in terms of renovation and redesign. However, the outside is just as important. How is your lawn looking? Is it ready for some professional TLC? If so, it may be time to hire a landscaping company to transform it into something beautiful and functional!

Expert landscape designers specialize in helping homeowners plan and create yards that will draw eyes while being functional for those living there. If you’re searching for the right landscaping contractor to work with, it’s important to choose one that will do a great job. Here are a few questions you should be asking:

What Is the Breakdown of Your Quote?

Pricing is a key part of determining whether or not you’re working with a landscaper that’s the right fit. Once you’ve discussed the project with a potential contractor, they will give you a quote. However, a single number often won’t give you all the information you need. If you haven’t been given one, ask for a breakdown of the quote. Professional landscapers will be able to accurately tell you how much they charge for each item that goes into the final landscaping cost—labour, consultation, materials, and all!

When Can I Expect My Project to Be Completed?

Landscapers should be able to discuss a proposed timeline with you, whether you are working on a tight schedule or not. The milestones and delivery of the project would ideally be disclosed too before any contracts. Try to get a clear picture before signing any documents as you should be able to expect the project to be completed by a certain date.

Do You Have a Full Staff on Your Team?

There are two reasons to ask this question. First of all, knowing who will be working around your home will give you a greater sense of security. You’ll know how many people will have to be on-site and who they are. This will come in handy if any damages or loss has to be paid for. 

The second reason to ask this question is that landscaping contractors that have a full staff often train their own teams. This is often better than a team that is mostly outsourced, as they may not have the same standards in mind. However, a company’s reviews will typically give you a good idea of whether or not a company is able to maintain high standards and deliver satisfactory results.

Are There Potential Setbacks We Should Prepare For?

Weather and supply issues may cause unwanted setbacks, especially when working on the outside area of the home. A good landscaper should be able to foresee and communicate this to you, the client. Procedures on how to make up for last time and catch up to schedule should be relayed as well. 


When it comes to a project as big as landscaping, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The way each prospective contractor answers them will give you a lot of insight into their service quality and abilities. Be inquisitive about where your money is going, from service to equipment to material. It’s in the best interest of a project for homeowners and landscapers to communicate!

For more information about how to hire and talk to a professional landscaper, our Hardland Landscape & Design team is more than happy to help! Our landscape contractors in Edmonton are ready to help make your landscaping dreams a reality. Contact us today to discuss your latest project!

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