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Landscaping Ideas

5 Landscaping Ideas to Make a Beautiful Front Yard

Owning a vast front yard is an opportunity that homeowners should not take for granted. The bigger space you have, the more you can do in it. With just a sprinkle of creativity, you can turn your home into a beautiful sanctuary! However, sometimes, you might end up with a little to no idea of what to do in your green space because of the endless possibilities available.

If a landscape transformation is what you look forward to having in your front yard, here are five stunning landscaping designs you can explore:

Idea 1: Create Flower Beds to Welcome Your Guests

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when landscaping lawns is adding flower beds in the space. It is a perfect idea if you love flowers and have the thought of having a colourful yard. If this sounds like a good plan for you, make sure to fill your yard with colourful annual and perennial plants and place them strategically around the area. By having seasonal and perpetual flowers, you get to have a varying front yard look depending on the season. If you want more greens, you can plant grass or vines – that would add character to your front yard garden.

Idea 2: Plant a Tree or More for Added Shade

If you have enough space and want an investment that will last a lifetime, consider planting a tree in your front yard. Aside from the homey feels it brings to your residence, you also get to enjoy its added shade to your yard. On top of that, you can place benches or an outdoor table and chairs set up underneath it. If it gets large enough, perhaps you can add a little treehouse for your kids. You can also surround it with beautiful flowers to stare at whenever you spend some time outside.  

Just make sure to place your tree away from your septic tank or pipes, so the roots do not interfere with their functions in the long run!

Idea 3: Make the Landscaping Interesting with Mulch

Mulch is a thick layer of material you often see on garden beds. It is a combination of various organic residues, such as leaves, woodchips, grass clippings, kitchen scraps, or animal manure. Its purpose is to keep moisture and nutrients in the soil, make the garden bed more appealing, suppress the potential growth of weed, and many more. In fact, mulch does add texture and colour to your landscape design!

Idea 4: Make Strolling Around Easier with a Walkway

Do not forget to include a walkway in your front yard. Having a separate path will make the whole garden look friendlier to the eyes. Walkways also help people move easily through your front garden without harming or trampling through your plants or landscaping. In essence, it keeps the soil in place and also keeps your feet dry at all times.

Idea 5: Make the Yard Visually Appealing Even at Night

Make sure that all the results of your hard work would still be visible at night. Landscape lighting is an important aspect that you must not forget to complete your project. Besides keeping people safe and the house secured at night, it also highlights your front yard landscaping’s focal points. This feature ultimately adds to your house’s curb appeal and also to the overall value of your home!


No matter what look you are going after, you can always achieve it with a little planning and investing. If you get too overwhelmed with all the yard ideas going through your mind, be sure to consult with landscape architects. They can come up with a design that can make all your ideas more coherent and feasible!

If your home needs a professional landscaping design in Edmonton, we have got you covered. At HML Construction, we are a group of landscape designers, horticulturists, and we will craft a beautiful design for your front yard and also bring it to life. Give us a call today at 780-460-2088 or visit our website for a free quote!

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