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Everything You Must Know About Xeriscaping

The world is moving to better practices of running homes that save energy and resources in countless ways. The steps that the residents in Edmonton can also be termed as “green” tactics. These tactics can be as simple as turning off faucets when you don’t need water to something more complex, like switching to low-flow bathroom plumbing fixtures. Another awesome way of saving water or at least cutting down the usage of water is xeriscaping.

In this article, we will talk about xeriscaping in detail.

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping or xeriscape landscaping is a method of landscaping where the need for excess water usage is eliminated. Simply put, this type of landscaping uses less water and mostly involves growing plants that don’t require too much water or drought-resistant plants. This type of landscaping is most common in areas of the world that do not have water that is plentiful or easy to access. But the concept isn’t meant for these areas only. People who are worried about water conservation have adopted this technique in their homes. Plants most suited to xeriscape landscaping are sometimes referred to as “xeric” plants. These are plants with low water requirements.

Derived from the Greek xeros meaning “dry,” the term means literally “dry landscape.”

Those who have never heard the name may already know its techniques because its principles are commonly used in landscaping and often work well. Some people who are aware of the concept mistakenly refer to it as “zero-scape,” as in the use of no water. Note that “xeriscape” is pronounced as if it began with the letter, Z, which sometimes leads to the misspelling, “zeroscape” (as if it signified “zero landscaping”).

Pros of Xeriscaping

Contribution to a Better Environment

Xeriscaping is known for reducing your environmental footprint and impact as much as possible. With less water and no harmful fertilizer usage, you can take a step towards a better environment. You cut down the water usage and the chemicals in fertilizers and plant supplements no more make the ground polluted.

Less Maintenance

Another major advantage of xeriscaping is that xeriscapes are very low-maintenance. All the native plants used in the process require less water and upkeep. You won’t have to worry about cutting the lawn, fertilizing, aerating etc. The only maintenance you really have to worry about is keeping the weeds away and a small amount of trimming several times per year.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Another alternative to a low water-using yard that requires less maintenance is turfgrass growing. Many opt for turf landscaping, which helps to conserve water and save money. However, a turf landscape does not look realistic. With xeriscaping, there is an endless number of designs that are much more aesthetically-pleasing than the turf alternative. There are countless xeriscaping plants to choose from for a delightful lawn area.

Lower Water Bills

A combination of lawn sculpting and xeriscaping is a great option, helping the average homeowner save time and reduce water usage by 50%. Reduced consumption of water automatically lowers your water bills and helps you save money every month and every year.

Plus, you don’t have to spend money on fertilizers and other chemicals for maintenance.

Cons of Xeriscaping

While xeriscaping may seem like a smart option in Edmonton, the process does have a few downsides too. Here are some of them.

Expensive Affair

Although the cost will differ greatly depending on the types of rock you want to use, and their availability in your location, in general, the cost of installing a xeriscape is significantly higher than a traditional lawn. Plus, the plants that you opt for your lawn won’t be as cheap as the usual perennials or annuals. Moreover, setting up irrigation can be expensive, unless you design the yard beforehand while building or renovating your house.

Hectic Job

If you plan to make a switch from your existing traditional lawn to a yard that requires xeriscaping, you should be ready for a lot of work. The amount of work needed in the early stages of your landscape installation will be significant. The job isn’t an easy one; it requires a lot of manpower and heavy-duty work. So, be ready to see your law uprooted to its most base level if you opt for xeriscaping.

Too Time-consuming

If you decide to rip up your lawn, fix the soil and plant succulents and flowers yourself, this can be time and labour-intensive. Don’t think of doing this on your own as you have several other things to take care of. You will have to hire the right professionals for the same and give them enough time to do their job. And the bottom line here, again, will be the high-cost factor.

Is Xeriscaping for You?

The most common consideration is whether you live in a drought-prone area or not. And in Edmonton, that isn’t possible. This means that you don’t “need” xeriscaping. However, that’s not the end. If you are conscious about water conservation and also love making your home’s yard look beautiful, then you can try your hand at xeriscaping.

It’s not just the plants themselves that makeup xeriscaping. How the landscape is constructed is of major importance. The ground itself needs to guide, retain, and efficiently distribute what little water is available. This is obtained through the use of different materials, slopes, and other design elements. If all these factors work well for you, then xeriscaping is meant for you.

Deciding to go with a total xeriscaping approach can be a very difficult decision to make, but it doesn’t have to be an “either, or” situation. In fact, you could have a xeriscaped front yard and a backyard full of green, or vice versa. If you cannot decide what to do with your lawn area, get in touch with our professionals at HML Construction. Our landscaping experts will help you design the best lawn and share amazing landscaping tips to keep your xeriscaped yard at its best.

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