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There are many different types of turfs that you can consider when you want to landscape your yard. One of the first items you should consider is sod. When selecting a type of sod, you must consider your climate and the amount of rain that your area receives. If you do not get a lot of rain, you will spend a lot of time watering the sod. You may want to consider a sod that is drought tolerant. This type of sod can save you up to 50 % of your time and money by requiring you to water your lawn less. You want to find a sod that stays green longer and is durable enough to handle high traffic.

If you want to consider something other than sod, you can think about artificial turf. This type of grass is excellent for commercial or residential homes and is friendly for the environment. Artificial turf is durable and perfect for the most challenging climates. There are many different options available to you, and each one has its own advantages. When it comes to natural-looking grass, some grasses are longer than others. Some have a height of 1.75 inches and range in colours from emerald to olive green.

Pet friendly artificial turf is another consideration when you have pets in your home. This type of turf has the best drainage while remaining durable. This option comes with a limestone screen that has a Sulphur base, which can help eliminate pet odours.