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Artificial Turf Edmonton

HML Landscape is a local contractor offering Artificial Turf installation services in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and surrounding areas.

No watering, no maintenance, no mowing, just a perfect lawn. Artificial turf is a popular choice for homes and businesses.

Artificial turf, also known as Astro Turf is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. Although traditionally used in arenas for sports, it has grown in popularity and is found more often on the Canadian home buyers wish list. With virtually no maintenance your artificial lawn will look pristine for decades. It’s application in commercial projects has also helped reduce the costs of property management as well as sustain a beautiful looking property.

Synthetic grass offers the largest benefits to commercial properties, golf courses, holiday homes and for homes with dogs.

Let HML Landscape install your maintenance free artificial turf. Call us at 780.460.2088

Homes With Dogs

Don’t’ waste your precious holiday time maintaining your holiday home! Artificial turf eliminates maintenance time and headaches for properties that are not occupied year round.

Vacation Homes

A vacation home is going to be occupied only during the holiday season. And during the rest of the year, it is going to be shut and unattended. Don’t make the grave mistake of designing a beautiful home landscape around your home because when nobody is there to look after, your favourite plants, grass, shrubs, and trees will wither.

Isn’t that a horrifying thing to imagine?

Instead, invest in our artificial turf. Unlike real grass, weeds won’t grow amongst the blades, and, of course, it does not require mowing, either. And not to forget, artificial turf looks just the same all year round. Come rain, snow, or shine; your holiday home will have a prize-winning lawn.

So the next time you visit your vacation home, you won’t have to spend the first few hours maintaining the landscape, getting rid of dead plants, and being sad about it.

Commercial Properties

Active businesses have enough to worry about inside the building. Outside maintenance is costly and the components are not guaranteed to weather well. Presenting your business on the outside is just as important on the inside and should look clean, professional, and well kept. Artificial grass will look clean and fresh in every season and only requires minimal maintenance.


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