When working with customers on projects that involve hardscape design, one of the most important tasks to complete in the landscape design process is the selection of the actual material and patterns for patios and walkways to be utilized for hardscaping projects.

In our experience, we have found that when most people embark in the design process, they do not realize the range of possibilities that are available to them to make their project unique to their individual preferences, rather than “cookie cutter” like other status quo installations that they have viewed in passing.

Finding a Pattern for Your Patio or Walkway During the Landscape Design Process

When we engage in this part of the design process, we have seen people become very overwhelmed. They sometimes don’t realize the plethora of options available related to the patterns for patios and walkways, and have to somehow narrow it down to their aesthetic fondness.

This is the fun part or rather “the-icing-on-the-cake” as this is the decision that really helps to tailor the project to the individual.

Choosing Materials for Patios and Walkways

After layout and function are defined for the overall layout of the project, material choice is typically the first decision that follows in the design process.

The two basic choices that clients must decide between is whether they want natural stone or interlocking concrete pavers. Once that hurdle is overcome, the next layer of choice is typically the size and scale of the material to be used on patios and walkways.

The actual size of the project usually guides this decision as the dimensional size of the material pieces are generally selected to be proportionate to the size of the space or other surrounding structural elements that complement the hardscape design.

While these facets of design are general guidelines in most cases, customers tend to quickly realize after one or two discussions with one of our designers, that what they really want is something that is foremost functional, but more importantly, unique to their style.

When a client comes to this realization the door of opportunity opens even more.

Adding Borders for Patios and Walkways

One of the simplest ways to give a unique look for patios and walkways is through the incorporation of borders, patterns, and accents.

A border can be added to provide a perimeter enclosure to the hardscape surface and can either be accomplished by using a specific paver in a repetitive pattern. I

In most landscape designs, two of the most common styles used for borders are a “soldier course” or “sailor course”. This design feature can further be enhanced and individualized by the addition of extra borders in a varying arrangement, color, texture, and size.

Combining Borders and Patterns on Patios and Walkways

Outside of borders, the usage of different paver materials can be utilized to define individual space within scope of design.

For example, a transitional walkway might incorporate a brick style paver laid in a running bond pattern that leads to a larger patio area that uses a random rectangular paver pattern, while both the patio and walk are enclosed with a soldier course of 6” x 9” pavers in an accent color.

The possibilities for combining patterns, borders, and accents are almost limitless. Even if you prefer the material that is similar to a neighboring property, we can use these choices to give it a feel and style of its own.

How a Landscape Designer Can Get you a Patio or Walkway of your Dreams

While the decision process of selecting your hardscape materials for your landscaping project can upfront appear intimidating, it really can be a fun experience.

Working with a creative and experienced landscape designer can help you project have a style and look like no other. We have a lot of experience working through the landscape design process and would love to walk you through the fun of transforming your property.

Which Landscaping Company Should Install Your Patio or Walkway?

Please take some time to browse though some of our projects. Pay attention to the various patterns and materials we have chosen for these projects.

Even though some of the materials can be popular, if you carefully look, there are different borders, patterns, and accents that make each one of these projects unique.

If you’re looking for a landscaping company to design and install your patio, retaining wall, landscape lighting, etc. we would love to talk more with you about your project. We have manufacturer catalogs that show the various patterns for patios and walkways available and one of our award winning landscape designers can assist in guiding you through the process, ultimately creating a design that you can call your own.

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