HML Hydro-Vac Division

Hydro-Vac Services are the only non-destructive method of digging This process utilizes pressurized water and a vacuum system to quickly and safely expose underground infrastructure.

During the hydrovac process, pressurized water is injected into the ground through a handheld wand. As the soil cover is liquefied, the resulting slurry is simultaneously extracted by a powerful vacuum and stored in a 14 yard debris tank onboard the hydrovac.

Hydrovacs can dig effectively in all soil types, including clay, and with the aid of onboard heaters, hydrovacs provide a safe means of digging in frozen ground. Our powerful hydrovac systems can excavate up to 60′ deep and at distances of 600′ from the truck, enabling work to be done in areas of limited access.

Hydrovac excavations are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional excavation techniques. By utilizing high-pressure water jets and powerful vacuum technology, our hydrovac excavation service safely removes dirt and heavy debris. This service is perfect for penetrating areas with underground utilities, even under frozen earth.
Our hydrovac excavation services include:
• Potholing
• Pipe Cleanouts
• Cable Location
• Drain Pits
• Septic Tank Excavations
• Remote Access
• Precision Excavations
• Fully Self-Contained Units
• Slot-Trenching
• Non-Destructive “Daylighting” for All Buried Utilities
• Anchor Installations
• Direction Drill Test Holes
• Electrical Vault & Utility Box Cleaning
• Sludge, Pond & Reservoir Services
• Excavation of Frozen Ground
Whether you require our services for a development project or excavation, our professional backhoe and mini hoe operators will complete your project, safely and on-time.

HML considers the safety of our workers and clients a priority. Our internal safety program both follows and exceeds guidelines set out by the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA). Our team is our greatest resource; therefore, job-site safety is vital. Our team – from foremen, to office staff – is trained in CSTS and First Aid. HML holds a COR safety rating, and we work each-and-every day to ensure our job sites remain accident-free. We follow a stringent safety program in order to ensure our workers are efficient and diligent, as a means of maintaining a safe work environment.
It takes commitment to maintain safety; therefore, we implement a routine check system to ensure that the safety level on our sites is upheld at all times.

At HML Construction, we understand the importance of environmental conservation, and value sustainable practices. Our business depends on the well-being of the environment we live in, and protecting that environment is crucial. We take pride in adhering to responsible policies, and giving back to the environment.
As part of our commitment to sustainability, we use organic soils, recycle and reuse materials on-site and in HML offices, and use wood from reforested areas. Furthermore, HML enforces a No Idle policy to reduce toxic emissions from our equipment and vehicles. We plant trees and other greenery that betters the environment, as well as install irrigation systems that apply recycled rainwater.