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“My name is Audrey Luft and I am delighted to talk about the wonderful service that I just had completed by HML. It was a big job, two weeks is all they had to do it, there was a deadline and they did come in on time and very professional.
The staff that they have working is terrific. Polite, helpful, went beyond the call of duty to make things comfortable or helpful. They looked after my dog and made sure nothing happened.
“They were really good to the neighbors they talked to them. The neighbors had questions and they took the time. They went over and cleaned the area the neighbors were in. Usually when people leave the neighbors are somewhat a little mad at you but in this case they weren’t, they were delighted and couldn’t believe how quickly and friendly and professional everybody was and I have to say that is very true.”

“The job was wonderful. It required basically removing everything around the house, all there was, was a house on dirt by the time they finished. Side walks had to be taken out, grass had to be taken out, flower beds had to be taken out, decks had to be taken out, window wells had to be moved.

All sorts of down spouts, drain spouts, you name it, it had to be removed. So when they were finished removing everything and taking it all away all there was literally was a house sitting on a dirt lot, it mind as well have been a brand new building, and to see it come together in a two week period. Mind you they did provide a number of people. There were times that I looked out the window and counting them at one point there were twenty one people working in this yard in the front, in the back, and making a good try and certainly a successful job of getting it done in two weeks.”

“Well it was a very short relationship I have to say, with HML. And I’m actually delighted to say that too because often times landscape jobs, especially big ones, seem to drag on forever. I had a deadline myself which was two weeks. And that meant basically taking the entire lawn, all the concrete, fence, everything, and putting it all back together in a totally different way, and having it ready in two weeks. And they did. Not only did they do that but they did it in such a wonderful manner.”

“So in two weeks I seemed to get to know them all and they are very, very hard workers. The moral was wonderful. They were fun and they had a good time on their job. They worked hard, it was very hot and there was no complaining. Everybody was happy, the work site was left beautifully clean every night and there were no messes all over the place. I have to say all of that I didn’t expect. But I got it and they were wonderful and I cannot recommend them enough.”

“I would certainly recommend this company. I was delighted to have worked with them and to have met the people. And the reason, probably the biggest reason I that I would recommend them is they deliver, they know how to execute what they have to do, and the staff are just an absolute delight. I like to see people that love their jobs and it was very evident that this is a company that treats their people really well because they all were having fun doing their job.”

-Audrey Luft

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